Trana Consulting

Complexity made clear

Trana Consulting, a UK-based company that supports and transitions companies through periods of change, sought to expand its services and raise its profile. Neatline worked with the small business to develop messaging for a complex new offering. Through a series of workshops and conversations, our brand and storytelling experts distilled a variety of stakeholder views and technical information into easily digestible content and infographics, which were then used in sales presentations and pitches.

An uplifted identity

Neatline also worked with Trana to professionalize its identity. Drawing inspiration from the Swedish bird for which the business is named, we created a distinctive logo in line with the company’s new messaging and position. “We are loving our new identity, and the feedback has been unanimously positive,” said Rob Anderson, director of Trana Consulting. “It is striking, professional and memorable. Our thanks goes out to the Neatline team.”