Connor Consulting

From brand refresher to marketing partner

Connor Consulting required a complete branding refresh to keep pace with its growth and reflect its dynamic culture. Neatline designed a new identity, website, business templates, social media, and marketing collateral for the organization, and continues to provide Connor with ongoing marketing support, particularly in pursuit of strategically important new business opportunities. Built on a mutual understanding of brand cultivated at the start of our first project together, the relationship we have developed with Connor ensures we can continue to effectively support their messaging and positioning as they grow and evolve.

Looking beyond the contract

Connor’s web site content and design incorporate the newly established messaging strategy and values defined at the start of our work with them. It presents the company not as a typical accounting firm, but instead as a trusted advisor on the cutting edge of the technology industry. People are brought to the forefront and social media incorporated throughout, giving the distinctive culture of the organization the attention it deserves as a differentiator.

A contemporary look for a modern company

Connor wanted to depart from the traditional feel of many accounting firms, and so the identity, colour palette, tone of voice, and photography were given a makeover. Developed in line with Connor’s brand attributes, the new look and feel for the company capture its global, modern, work-hard-play-hard culture.

“What impressed us most about Neatline is their focus on understanding who we are and not just what we do. As a consulting firm, what makes us stand out in the industry is our level of experience, our company culture, and our people. Neatline has reflected that in everything they created for us. Our brand and image comes through in every aspect of what we do, and we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Our employees feel proud of being part of this new brand. We couldn’t have done it without Neatline.”