Barratt London

A new position

Barratt London is a market-leading property developer in London and a division of Barratt Homes, one of the largest residential developers in the UK. In an effort to maintain its reputation for quality design and construction, it had developed an in-house property management company, which was responsible for maintaining the common areas of its London buildings. Although the service provided exceptional benefits to buyers and residents, the company was struggling to position the unique offer to potential homebuyers.

Neatline worked with the property management team to devise a new positioning strategy and key messages for its internal and external audiences. The strategy included ideas on how best to communicate in words and graphics, as well as ideas on branded aspects of the service that would resonate with buyers, renters and its own people. We also helped to align the messaging to the sales cycle, ensuring Once the position was agreed, we created new content and materials to support the position both on the web and in printed brochures.