Arcadis, a 28,000+ person global design and consultancy firm, recently underwent a large-scale repositioning effort, concluding in the collection of its disparate operating companies under a single robust brand. A key part of the exercise was the delivery of a complex new web site, which sought to align content and design at the global and regional levels with the new messaging and identity. Neatline worked with Arcadis’ global recruitment team to project manage and deliver the Careers section of the site.

Understanding the user journey

Our process began with a competitor analysis to understand how similar companies were appealing to potential employees. Using existing site analytics, we developed customer profiles to identity who was accessing the site, and what path they were taking through existing content. From there, we developed key messages rooted in Arcadis’ new positioning but customized to the job seeker profiles. We then strategically deployed the messaging into new content and created a site structure around our understanding of the users’ likely journeys.

A good first impression

The design of the site allowed for a bold image or video at the top of the Careers home page. We felt a strong mood-setting video would be an ideal introduction to the content so we set out to create something powerful and persuasive—but that would represent the entire 28,000+person global company in just one minute. Filming over just two days on a limited budget, we created a video that captures the diversity and variety of careers at Arcadis.