400 South

An updated look for a classic office building

Romel Enterprises, an owner and operator of commercial property in Northern California, sought to update the interior and exterior public spaces of its newly acquired office building, the first of its kind for the company’s portfolio. The building, which occupies a prime downtown location near Silicon Valley, benefited from its position but suffered for its outdated and unwelcoming appearance. Neatline worked with the real estate company to develop an identity and brand position for the building that would give the building new life and influence everything from signage and wayfinding to interiors.

Seeking to modernize the environment without alienating the more traditional tenants in the building, Neatline developed a design approach that included contemporary furniture, finishes and artwork to create inviting open spaces consistent with the building’s new image and respectful of its heritage. A complete signage and wayfinding system was developed and implemented throughout the building. The logo draws from patterns found in the building’s original architecture and reinforces the modern but corporate identity.