Whatever you do, don’t stop blogging

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Blogging often drops to the bottom of the to-do list when the work rolls in. It’s tempting to let it fall off completely. Don’t. The benefits of blogging to your business far outweigh the pain.


A little over a month ago, I started this blog with the purpose of raising the profile of my burgeoning business. It wasn’t my first blogging outing, but it was certainly the first time I’d set out with the purpose of building readership and establishing authority.

Now the work is coming in. And while this is the whole point, it means (and rightfully so!) my focus is on doing what I do rather than writing about it.

But I won’t stop blogging, and here’s why you shouldn’t either:

1. Your web site traffic will suffer.

Nothing drives new traffic to your web site like new content. For starters, it gives you fodder for social media. And social media is magic because it can be shared. This translates to a new audience you never would have reached otherwise. Our clients often tell us they can’t keep up on social media because they don’t have anything to say. Blogging solves that problem.

Secondly, new blog posts create new pages on your web site. New pages are indexed by the likes of Google. Regularly changing content means search engines effectively sit up and take greater notice of your site. That means better returns through searches, and increase in organic traffic. The opposite is also true: If you stop producing content, search engines effectively forget about you.

Finally, blogging sows seeds. Long after you’ve published a post, it has been shared, and its new-post sheen has worn off, it will still produce returns. Search engines still find it. Traffic to my web site on days when there’s no new blog post comes as much from posts I wrote a month ago as the more recent ones. Old posts are working even when you’re not.

2. Authority is a slow burn.

You want to position yourself and your company as an expert—you want to tell your story—and you see a blog as a means to that end. Wise, but expertise doesn’t happen overnight. In this day and age, credibility among strangers must be earned not assumed. Trust comes from persistence, clarity and proven authority. If what you write is focused around your audience and offers helpful advice, it will become, with time, a trusted resource.

Furthermore, it sounds obvious, but it’s important to keep in mind: Regularly blogging keeps you front of mind. It’s that simple. If you’re not asserting your point of view and pushing that content into the social realm, the conversation happily goes on without you. And when it comes time to make purchasing decisions, yours won’t be a voice in the mix.

3. You want to test before you buy.

Our business is small, and like many similar businesses, we don’t want to invest heavily in marketing campaigns that won’t get us the results we want. Blogging gives us an opportunity to test a message and a point of view. Blogging regularly enables me to regularly hit my targets—and gives me greater freedom for the inevitable misses.

For example, I write something that lauds the value of a particular service. If it falls flat among my readership and on social media, I know it requires refining. On the other hand, if it generates interest, I know I’m onto something. It’s quick and easy market research. And best of all, it’s free.

4. If you don’t practice, you won’t get better.

Like with most things in life, blogging is a skill best honed through practice. Right now, it might be agonizing and time-consuming to churn out 500 words several times a week.

With time, however, blogging will get easier, more natural and yes, much faster. You will find your voice and point of view. You’ll settle into a structure that works for you. Trust me: if I’ve learned one thing about writing over years of doing it professionally, it’s this: The more you write, the more you can write.

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