The A to Z of great communication

May 13, 2015 / Alice / No Comments


There’s a funny thing that happens when you split your time between creating smart communication strategies for clients and raising a family. At some point, the two begin to merge.

Suddenly, you find yourself noticing the parallels—and better yet, learning from them. You identify universal truths between storytelling for companies and telling stories to your kids. You see how personal brand derives and benefits as much from who you are in life as it does from who you are at work. You recognize it’s not always about who shouts loudest; often the most meaningful and enduring connections are built in the quietest moments.

Most importantly, you realize that sometimes the greatest lessons about communication are right in front of you. Speak from the heart. Be real. Be engaging. Be consistent. Have purpose. Don’t be afraid to be funny. Ask why. The communication rules to live by, really. My three-year-old certainly does.


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