Happy holidays from all of us at Neatline Creative. We so appreciate all the support we’ve received over the past year from our clients, family and friends. Helping you tell your stories and reach the people most meaningful to you has been enormously fulfilling for us. We’ve had a great year, and we couldn’t have ( more… )


Storytime can be special for parent and child. Except when it’s not. Endless questions. Constant fidgeting. Reading to a three-year-old is a lot like trying to get today’s easily distracted audiences to pay attention to your corporate message. Here are 4 key lessons my three-year-old has taught me about telling stories to a discerning  audience: 1. Familiarity and repetition ( more… )


People are always telling me they like to write but  have some combination of the following problems: 1. Lack of time 2. Lack of discipline 3. Difficulty getting the creative juices flowing 4. Lack of confidence to “put it out there” What they don’t always realize is that the resolution of problems 3 and 4 ( more… )

Written By: Alice