There’s a funny thing that happens when you split your time between creating smart communication strategies for clients and raising a family. At some point, the two begin to merge. Suddenly, you find yourself noticing the parallels—and better yet, learning from them. You identify universal truths between storytelling for companies and telling stories to your ( more… )


Blogging often drops to the bottom of the to-do list when the work rolls in. It’s tempting to let it fall off completely. Don’t. The benefits of blogging to your business far outweigh the pain. A little over a month ago, I started this blog with the purpose of raising the profile of my burgeoning ( more… )


Storytime can be special for parent and child. Except when it’s not. Endless questions. Constant fidgeting. Reading to a three-year-old is a lot like trying to get today’s easily distracted audiences to pay attention to your corporate message. Here are 4 key lessons my three-year-old has taught me about telling stories to a discerning  audience: 1. Familiarity and repetition ( more… )


Charities today have to do more than just tug at the heartstrings. They have to tug people out of their seats and into action. With so many worthy causes competing for donors’ attention, the pressure is on for great communication that makes hearts swell. In my work with charities, I have seen the power of ( more… )


No question: Internal communication is vital to today’s fast-moving business. It’s what lubricates the wheels of change. Or, to use another metaphor, when it comes time to turn the ship, it’s what ensures everyone’s on board. Despite the fact that engagement is on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days, business leaders frequently make the same mistakes ( more… )


In 2015, there’s one task that will significantly improve your ability to engage your customers. It will build stronger relationships with your employees. It will provide the foundation for smarter marketing content. It’s the Message Audit, and it’s hands down one of the most important tasks you can do right now to improve your company’s ( more… )