Much has been written about how to cultivate a personal brand online. For people trying to build a social empire, there’s plenty of advice available. But for everyone else, personal branding has little meaning. Or does it? Recently, I did an experiment. I guided a group of 12 impressive mid-to-senior-level professional women from a range ( more… )


People are always telling me they like to write but  have some combination of the following problems: 1. Lack of time 2. Lack of discipline 3. Difficulty getting the creative juices flowing 4. Lack of confidence to “put it out there” What they don’t always realize is that the resolution of problems 3 and 4 ( more… )

Written By: Alice

In 2015, there’s one task that will significantly improve your ability to engage your customers. It will build stronger relationships with your employees. It will provide the foundation for smarter marketing content. It’s the Message Audit, and it’s hands down one of the most important tasks you can do right now to improve your company’s ( more… )